JHU Benefits Site - Wellness


Our wellness program, Healthy@Hopkins, helps you make a difference–in your personal health and in your financial health too. Five components make up Healthy@Hopkins:

One key to leading a healthy life is prevention, which means getting regular checkups, knowing your numbers and understanding your personal risk factors. Complete a confidential health risk assessment to learn about your potential health risks.
Take advantage of JHU’s wellness programs. Programs include fitness classes, yoga and meditation, Weight Watchers at work, and more!
There are so many resources you can access for helpful information about staying healthy. The education and learning section includes links to Web sites you may find useful.
If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or high cholesterol, our health plans have care management programs that can help you get the most of all the resources available to you.
Financial fitness is a significant part of your overall well being. Healthy@Hopkins can show you how to improve your financial health.