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Legal Insurance


As a full-time faculty, staff and bargaining unit member, you can participate in a voluntary benefits program to purchase discounted legal insurance. You can enroll at hire or during annual enrollment.

About the Program

The Hyatt Legal Plan gives you access to a nationwide network of more than 12,000 attorneys, to help you and your dependents with vital legal matters such as:

  • Estate planning: preparation of wills, codicils, testamentary trusts, living wills, living trusts, deeds, and powers of attorney
  • Financial: creditor issues, debt collection defense, identity theft defense, tax audits, and the purchase, sale, and refinancing of a home

You can receive a consultation over the phone or in person. Most people pay upwards of hundreds of dollars an hour for legal services like these. But full-time employees can elect this benefit for $15.00 per month.

How to Enroll

Additional plan details can be found on the Johns Hopkins University Voluntary Benefits website at www.jhuvoluntarybenefits.com. Enrollment is completed online under the myChoices tab of the Benefits website.

If you wish to speak with a service representative, contact Mercer, the administrators of our voluntary benefits program at 1-866-795-9362.