Divorce/Termination of Domestic Partnership

Divorce/Termination of Domestic Partnership

If you become divorced or terminate your domestic partnership, you are required to make changes to your benefits if you are covering your prior spouse/partner.

Issues to Consider

  • Were you covered under your former spouse/domestic partner’s medical insurance? How about your dependents?
  • Were you or your ex-spouse contributing to a flexible spending account?
  • Is your ex-spouse or ex-domestic partner the beneficiary for your life insurance?
  • Do you or a dependent need personal help through this difficult situation?

Take Action

When you need to make a change because of a divorce or termination of domestic partnership, be sure to:

  • Go to the myChoices Tab on the Benefits website. Select the link for Life Events to make your benefit elections within 30 days following the life event.
  • Upload supporting documentation to the enrollment site. You will be required to provide a divorce decree or a Termination Statement of Marriage/Domestic Partnership Form.
  • Update beneficiary information for life insurance.
  • Request COBRA information if necessary.

Remember, you are only allowed to make changes that are consistent with your life event.

If You Don’t Take Action

If it is later determined that you were divorced or terminated a domestic partnership and did not inform the university, you are in violation of the Affidavit of Marriage/Domestic Partnership that you filed with the university.