Adding/Removing Children

Adding/Removing Children

When you become a parent–through birth or through adoption–you may make changes to your benefits.

Issues to Consider

  • Does your spouse/domestic partner have health benefits through another source?
  • Does your dependent child have access to other employer coverage?
  • Will you be using dependent care so that you and your spouse can work?
  • Do you need to change your life insurance or add dependent life insurance coverage?

Take Action

When you need to make a change because of a new child, be sure to:

  • Go to the myChoices Tab on the Benefits website. Select the link for Life Events to make your benefit elections within 30 days following the life event.
  • Upload supporting documentation to the enrollment site. You will be required to provide dependent certification.
  • Apply for Adoption Assistance, if applicable.
  • Update beneficiary information for life insurance.

Remember, you are only allowed to make changes that are consistent with your life event.

If You Don’t Take Action

If you do not make a change because of a birth or adoption within 30 days of the event, your JHU benefits will stay the same and your new dependent will not have coverage. Your next opportunity to make changes (to medical, dental, flexible spending accounts, short-term disability, life insurance and dependent life, and personal accident insurance) will be during annual enrollment, unless you have another qualified life event (e.g., birth, adoption, marriage, etc.).