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Options for Reimbursement

WageWorks makes managing your FSA expenses and reimbursement easier by providing convenient reimbursement options:

  • WageWorks Reimbursement Card: With this debit card, you can pay for eligible health care expenses at qualified merchants. You may also use the card to pay your doctor or other provider directly. To view a list of qualified merchants, go to www.sigis.org
  • Pay My Provider: This is an online automatic bill pay system that requires no receipts or claims forms. WageWorks will write a check directly from your account to your provider.
  • Pay Me Back: You pay the provider directly and complete the appropriate Pay Me Back Claim Form to submit for reimbursement along with your receipts.

Note: It is important that you save all your receipts since documentation will be required to substantiate a claim. If you do not have a receipt, you may not receive reimbursement.

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