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United ConcordiaPLUS® Dental HMO Plan

The United ConcordiaPLUS Dental Plan is a dental HMO plan with a limited network of participating dentists. You must see a provider within this network or your care will not be covered. The plan uses a fixed schedule of benefits and expenses so you know exactly what you’ll pay out of pocket. To see if your dentist participates in the network or to find a dentist, go to their online provider directory.

Some of the features of the plan are outlined below.

  Coverage Level (you pay)
Calendar Year Deductible (you pay) $0
Class I: Diagnostic and Preventive
(cleanings, X-rays, office visits)
($5 copay)
Class II: Basic Services
(fillings, root canals, periodontics, oral surgery)
see copay schedule
Class III: Major Services
(dentures, crowns, bridges)
see copay schedule
Calendar Year Maximum
No Maximum
Orthodontia You pay up to $2,900 (2-year case)
Lifetime Maximum Benefit
for Orthodontia
No maximum

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