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Life and Dependent Life Insurance – Faculty and Staff

If you are a full-time benefits-eligible member of our faculty or staff, $10,000 of basic life insurance is provided to you at no cost. You may purchase additional coverage–up to four times your annual base salary–to a maximum benefit of $2,000,000.

If you are a new employee or you have experienced an eligible life event, you may elect the highest level of coverage without completing a Statement of Health. Current employees may elect to move up one level of coverage during annual enrollment without submitting a Statement of Health, unless the insurance amount is equal to or greater than $500,000. If you move more than one level of coverage, you will need to submit a Statement of Health.

The chart below describes your life insurance benefit and supplemental coverage options.

  Amount of Coverage Amount You Pay
Plan 1 $10,000 coverage $0, JHU pays full cost
Plan 2 $50,000 coverage You pay for coverage over $10,000
Plan 3 150% of your base salary
Plan 4 250% of your base salary
Plan 5 400% of your base salary

You may also purchase life insurance coverage for your spouse, domestic partner, and dependent child(ren). Johns Hopkins offers two dependent life insurance plans:

  Coverage for Spouse/DP Coverage for Dependent Child
Plan 1 $4,000 for your spouse or domestic partner $2,000 per dependent
Plan 2 $10,000 for your spouse or domestic partner $5,000 per dependent

The value of the premiums you pay for dependent life insurance coverage is reported as taxable income.

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